It was September 10, 1979 when Sianghio family acquired Western Shipyard and Engineering Services, Inc. From the “Cordero Group”, after which, renamed it as Western Shipyard Services, Inc. on December 10, 1979.

 WSSI as it came to be known, was primarily intended to provided regular repair and maintenance of the fleet of fishing vessels owned and operated by V-Sion Fishing Corporation. As duly accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), WSSI is a licensed ship repairer, ship builder and is engaged in ship conversion.

WSSI specializes in environment-friendly sandblasting, general ship re-construction, vessel fabrication, ship conversion, computerized and manual ship design, pipe welding and installation.

WSSI assures its numerous clients of its excellent service and world-class workmanship.

The shipping industry had increased remarkably during the late 1980’s with a notable specialization in fishing boats, of which, owners were residents of Navotas and Malabon. It was the time when the backyard shipyard had dramatically increased its popularity. With that, Western Shipyard Services, Inc. became a reputable and outstanding company with utmost commitment to quality services.

After five operating years of hard work, additional two slipways were built. Immediately, the company acquired its adjacent vacant lot of 3,000 square meters, which became another access of WSSI gate 2 fronting the main road.

WSSI specializes in computerized ship-design, ship repair and shipbuilding, which include tug, patrol, work boats, fast ferries, fishing, cargo vessels, tankers, Bulk carriers to name a few. The company also provides vessel conversions like non-propelled to propelled-type vessels, lengthening of fishing and cargo vessels and etc. It also commit in providing comprehensive hull preservations and maintenance using grit-blasting capabilities.

 WSSI forecasts the year 2013 onward as the period of modernizing its heavy equipment, welding and cutting facilities, safety, fire-fighting capability, technological research, quality training and, at the same time, widening its marketing programs.

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